10 Bedtime Things to Do to Wake Up Feeling Happy

Photo credit: bigstock

Photo credit: bigstock

8. Stop the Noise

By the way, New Scientist Magazine says that you are shortening your lifespan by the noises you hear at night. Noise while you are trying to sleep has an effect on your heart rate and waking up several (or more) times during the night puts your body and heart under a great deal of stress. Wear some good quality earplugs that cut out certain noises but still allow you to hear your baby monitor, or your alarm clock. Or try some white noise machines, which are usually very good at blocking out all sorts of noises.


9.  Deep Breathing

Now it’s time to quiet your mind and prepare the body for some real relaxation and sleep. So take a few deep breaths and as you are exhaling, imagine yourself throwing away all your worries and actions of the day out to the wind. Imagine the wind picking them up and carrying them far away from you.  Imagine that you are pulling everything negative out of your body and throwing it to the wind, so that all that is left inside you is a calm peacefulness. You can imagine that you are now floating on a lake or lying in a meadow, whatever works for you. And just before you drift off, one last thought…


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10. Send Out Some Love

Give the world, as well as yourself, a loving thought. You could imagine that you are filled with a white light and you send it off to the world as your last thought of the night. You could imagine yourself throwing kisses from a balcony that is showering your loved ones below with loving thoughts and kindness. Tell yourself that you are wonderful and imagine that those sheets or blankets are loving arms that will hold you all night.

Is there anything better than to fall asleep knowing that everything has been taken care of and feeling at peace; filled with loving, warm thoughts? Who wouldn’t wake up happy in the morning after a night like that?!





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  1. Anto

    Mar 14, 2016 at 8:57 pm

    To someone who believes in a God who loves and cares for humans and living things, sleeping in a tranquil spirit every night is easy to achieve. This is the best tip I can give for waking up happy – try to find a way to believe in the God model of existence, one that makes sense to you, not one of the usual ones offered by the religion industry. ‘guaranteed this’ll take away those stress lines 🙂