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10 Healing Plants Native Americans Used

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Native Americans are known for their traditional medicine and plant-based approach when it comes to ailments. But there’s more to their methods than just rejection of conventional pharmaceuticals – many of their methods are actually very effective and their plant-based medicine is also affordable. In recent years, with many people turning to natural methods for their healing and overall health, the methods of the Native Americans seem to be making a comeback into modern times. Although not all of their treatments are for everyone, there are a good handful of treatments that can be used for less serious ailments that can be applied by anyone.

The Native American medicine focuses on wild fruits, flowers, seeds, nuts and roots that can be found in abundance throughout most of the North American continent. It is said that the art of their medicine is thought to be over 40,000 years old and a combination of over 500 different nations’ practices, nations that used to reside on the North American continent before the European explorers came over in the 15th century. The medicinal philosophy is founded in the fact that man is part of nature and that any health ailments are due to imbalances with nature. Therefore, the medicine of the Native Americans is oftentimes centered on balancing the body of the afflicted person to heal them. Here are 15 different common treatments that the Native Americans used to take care of their sick.

1. Yarrow

A long-used treatment, yarrow root poultice is an effective remedy for the stopping of blood with minor cuts or wounds. The plant grows abundantly in the North American region, usually in sunny locations with thin, sandy soil. It’s not picky about locations either as it can be found along roads, in backyards, canyon bottoms, waste areas and in subalpine regions. Yarrow root can also be made into a juice with water to ease intestinal problems and upset stomachs.

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