10 Health Habits That Aren’t Quite as Bad as You Think

Group doing stretching exercises in back training class in a fit

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4. Skip that Workout Session!

That’s alright, really. In fact, skip 2! Three or four workouts a week is plenty.

Your body will rest and repair itself on your days off. In fact, if you try to work out every day, you might find that you begin avoiding your workout sessions altogether due to boredom or soreness.

You can always be active on those other days, such as doing some yoga in your living room, or taking your dog for a long walk.

To get the most out of your workout time, aim for a strength training workout with weights at least two days a week. This will give you the biggest toning as well as fat burning bang for your workout buck. Find out other common mistakes people make when they try to get healthy.

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