10 Home Remedies To Stop Sneezing (We Have Not Known Of # 7)

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

3. Tea with honey and lemon

An easy way to cut down on your sneezing naturally is to sip on a cup of hot tea that has honey and lemon in it. The lemon juice will give you a solid dose of vitamin C and the anti-bacterial properties of the honey will help with the sneezing as well as attack your cold or allergy symptoms as well.


4. Blow your nose

Here is a simple way to stop your sneezing bout without any extra preparation. Next time you start to feel like you are going to sneeze get out a handkerchief or a tissue and blow your nose. When you do this, it will remove the very irritants that are causing you to sneeze, such as bacteria, mucus, and any pollen or allergens.


5. Pressure points

There are points around your face and head that you can apply pressure to, that as a result, will stop your sneezing in its track. Start with your upper lip and take your thumb and finger and push your lip up to your nose. You will lose the feeling of having to sneeze. Next, you can try putting pressure on your ear lobe. Pinching your nose quickly can stop a potential sneeze from occurring. If none of those work, try pinching your eyebrows together. Any of these should help to cut down on your sneezing.

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