10 Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

Close-up Of Coconut Oil On

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8. Coconut oil

Spiders don’t seem to like coconut either for some reason. Whatever their reason, this is another great all natural spider repellant that works well. Mix one part of coconut oil with two parts of water in a spray bottle and spray this mixture in all areas where you find spiders.


9. Trees

Some plants and trees can also be natural spider repellants. Spiders don’t like eucalyptus at all so if you plant some of these trees around your property, there is an excellent chance that spiders won’t come near your house at all, they will just go next door. Eucalyptus trees are low maintenance that smells as good as they look. Read about eucalyptus oil benefits too.


10. Cedar

This is another scent that spiders dislike. You can use cedar mulch all around the outside of your home to keep it looking nice and spider free at the same time. Add some cedar blocks to your closets and cupboards to convince them to stay out of there also. You can also plant some cedar trees if you have a big enough yard. If eucalyptus is too strong a scent for your liking, try cedar. It has a pleasant woodsy smell that many people enjoy but will send spiders hiking.

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