10 Simple Habits That Will Give Life That Peaceful, Easy Feeling

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

Today’s life is hectic as all heck, isn’t it? Between work, school, family obligations, religious devotion, and more, most of us have actually become accustomed to a chaotic existence.

Usually, when your schedule becomes so crazy that something has to give, most times it is your health that suffers. Johnnie has to go to the dentist so you skip the gym. Your boss insisted you stay late and finish that project so you just pick up dinner at the drive through.

Have you ever noticed, however, that some people seem to be able to take a laid back, peaceful approach to life? They almost never seem rushed, stressed, or frantic. They don’t rush in the door late, hair flying in the breeze, cereal stuck to their shirt. They always seem to have everything under control. How the heck do they do that?!

Those laid back, peaceful people have the same life you do – they just manage it better. How? By following simple rules that help to keep things in check. Want to know their secret? Keep reading! We are going to tell you the top 10 habits, of peaceful, organized, laid back people. Read and learn, friends!


1. Stop Multitasking

Multitasking is a job requirement nowadays, but the truth is that multitasking doesn’t really exist. It’s nothing more than a grand illusion of increased productivity. You think that by doing three things at once you will accomplish more but because you cannot concentrate on more than one thing at a time, you usually need to go back and re-do some or most of the work. Rather than trying to do three things at once, focus on one task at a time, doing it perfectly. Then you will see how fast those items get checked off your list and how fast your stress levels come down with it.


2. Turn Off

Our ever expanding world of technology is a terrific convenience and source of information, no one is doubting that, however, the amount of time we spend each day with some screen of any type is shocking. Digital Trends reports that the average American spends 4 hours a day on their cell phone. If you think that’s scary, now imagine the amount of time people spend looking at computer screens, tablets, laptops, video games, and televisions. Yeah. Let your brain unwind by turning off all screens at least 30 minutes before bed and not checking your phone or turning on other devices for at least 30 minutes after you wake up. Your brain will appreciate it and you will find it works better during the day.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

3. Stay Hydrated

Your brain cannot work well and your body does not handle stress, (among other things), well when you do not get enough water. We are talking water here. Not coffee, not sports drinks, not energy drinks, but good old fashioned water. When you feel good, life seems a whole lot easier.


4. Do Things the Night Before

This is one of the most talked about, but often dismissed, tricks of the trade. Of course, life is full of unexpected twists but you can at least have the everyday, normal things in life taken care of so much easier if you get things done the night before. This prevents you from rushing in to work late, getting your kids to school late, and a host of other problems. If your lunch is ready the night before, your clothes chosen and ironed (if need be) or picked up from the dry cleaners, if your briefcase and keys are sitting by the front door, the alarm clock has been set, you are 90 percent ready for the next day and it hasn’t yet begun! How good would it feel to stroll into work, coffee in hand, completely calm and 10 minutes early?


5. Cut the Clutter

We aren’t talking about hoarders here, but the truth remains that many of us hold on to far too much junk in our lives. Most of it is junk that we have no need for but, for one reason or another, we simply can’t let it go. Clutter only fills your life, and space, with something to clean, move, take care of and dust. One woman we know calls these things “dustables”. You don’t have to go crazy and spend the whole weekend cleaning things out, take it one step at a time. Look at one table or one closet and take a cold, hard look at each item and put it in boxes marked trash or donate.


6. Make Meal Planning a Habit

This sounds like a time consuming chore, right? Relax.It’s not nearly as bad as you think. Planning out meals for a week (or two) will not only save you money at the store but you will buy only what you need for the week. This will save you both time and money! There are tons of recipes that use crockpots or other ideas (such as cooking twice the normal amount and freezing half for later). It actually only takes about an hour to plan out meals for a week. Imagine how nice it would be to go home, already knowing what you are going to make and that it is almost finished by the time you pull up into the driveway. How much would that be worth to you?

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

7. Say No and Mean It

This is another trick that calm people use and they use it effectively. Learn to say NO and mean it! If you start with the “Well, I wish I could but I really have to say no….” You will be cut off with pleading and begging or demands and chances are that you will cave in. It’s OK to say no. It is not selfish; it is not stingy. When you are already overtaxed, simply say “No, I can’t, but thanks for asking. Maybe next time.”


8. Remind Yourself about What Motivates You

When you feel tired or down, it’s easy to just want to pitch everything in the garbage, sit back with Netflix, and eat garbage all night long. On those days, keep in mind whatever it is that keeps you going. This is different for different people. Some people remember their children, their siblings, or their spouses. Others remind themselves that if they don’t show up and do it, who will? Keep in mind that everyone has bad days and this too will pass. Try to remind yourself about these things each time life gets rough, and see if this has an impact on your life.


9. Keep It Moving

Daily movement, even something as simple as an after dinner walk, is important for both mind and body. There have been numerous studies showing that sitting is detrimental to both mind and body. You don’t need to hit the gym or run a marathon, but anything that gets you up and around is good. Try talking to your best friend on the phone while you walk around the block a few times, dance with your kids in the kitchen, walk on the treadmill while you watch your favorite tv show. Doesn’t matter what you do, to coin a phrase, just do it!


10. Meditate

You probably read “meditate” on every list there is: You read that meditation will reduce stress, increase concentration, improve your mood and increase production, but this doesn’t make it any less true. Our minds are unbridled, untrained, racing horses and unless we learn to control them, they will control us. You won’t believe the difference that mediating for just 10 can make in your life until you try it!


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Of course, there is more to life than being organized and having things together, but life is certainly more fun when you feel that you are in control and things are going smoothly. You can have those feelings much more often than you think simply by taking a few minutes to take care of business.