10 Ways You Can Stop Diseases Before They Start

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One of the biggest challenges that health professionals have to deal with is the fact that each of our bodies has more than 60 trillion cells. With each one susceptible to a variety of diseases, they have their hands full.

With the life expectancy double the age since 1880, we are making some progress, but there is still plenty to do. More preventive measures are in place, and many insurance companies actually reward their patients when they are able to stay healthy longer and keep their key vital statistics in line.
The goal in the medical industry is to be able to diagnose any of the many diseases out there as quickly as they can. If they are able to stop them right from the beginning, the chances of dealing with them and eliminating them are greater. Here are 10 ways that diseases could be healed if found early.


1. Raise awareness

There are many areas in the health industry that people are not aware of. Once someone that they are familiar with comes down with a condition, people begin to become knowledgeable. It is a worthy cause for health professionals and organizations to have as many community meetings, screenings, and seminars to educate the public on the most current conditions and how to deal with them.


2. Stop Smoking

Smoking is not good for anything – your life, any diseases you may have, and the health of any around you who could end up with second hand smoke. If you aren’t able to stop smoking on your own ask your doctor for some help but do it immediately.


3. Exercise regularly

Any form of exercise that you can endure on a regular basis will help you remain healthy. Every disease lists exercise, or even just moving on a regular basis, as a way of getting yourself back on track to good health.

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4. Eat a healthy diet

Now seems as though it is the best time to begin a healthy diet. There are more restaurants, grocery stores, and specialty stores that encourage switching to a healthy diet. Some restaurants have a farm to table theme ensuring that everything is as fresh as it can be. The minority of people are clinging to junk food so it is easier to switch to brussels sprouts, kale, and pumpkin seeds than it is to eat twinkies, donuts, or high sugar specialty coffees.


5. Start educating children

Educating children when they are young is the best way to keep your kids healthy. Children learn right away. It is rare to find a child who thinks it’s cool to smoke. Give them the tools they need to start out on a healthy journey through life and they will be excited to do it.


6. Keep adults informed

Make sure that the communities continue to offer multiple types of health screenings that are reasonably priced. More people will come out to have a number of possible conditions checked rather than just one thing.


7. Work with seniors

Seniors should always be notified when they require regular medical testing, when they should be taking their prescribed medications, and what they can do on their own to stay healthy.


8. Have regular liver screenings

The liver is one organ that can actually repair itself. The problem is that many people wait too long to have their liver checked and by the time they think there may be a problem, it is too late.

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9. Educate the public about diabetes

Diabetes in most cases is a curable disease. By eating correctly and exercising on a regular basis, most people can turn their type 2 diabetes around and would not even need medication.


10. Continuous community screenings for breast cancer

Make sure you have a screening or a mammogram so that you can eliminate any chances of developing breast cancer. This condition can be turned around if it is caught immediately.


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There are the top ways to prevent diseases with time to reverse them:

1. Eliminate stress from your life – learn to meditate and don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Get enough sleep – give your body enough time to rest and recharge every day.

3. Undergo hormone testing – this type of testing will help to keep your body functioning correctly and always at its best.

4. Add nutritional supplements if needed – eating regular whole foods is really the best way to supplement your diet, but if you have let yourself go for too long you may need a little help at first.

5. Keep your body detoxified regularly – drink a small glass of lemon water in the morning to help the alkaline level of your body and check with your doctor as to whatever else you can do to keep yourself free of toxins.

6. Tests all adults should never miss:

  •  A regular yearly checkup – make sure that you meet with your doctor at least once a year for a complete checkup.
  • Blood pressure readings – have your blood pressure readings checked on a regular basis. Invest in a small wrist blood pressure cuff and know what the ranges are for a healthy blood pressure reading. If you are prescribed medication make sure you take it exactly as directed by your physician.
  • Screenings for cervical cancer – woman should check for cervical cancer especially by having a Pap test and the HPV test for human papillomavirus.
  • Vaccinations – there are many disagreements regarding vaccines for children, but as you become adults some vaccines are necessary. Talk with your doctor regarding the yearly virus vaccine, the vaccine to prevent shingles, and the one for pneumonia.
  • Screenings for breast cancer – speak with your doctor to find out how often you should be having mammograms in order to detect breast cancer. You do need one basic image so that future images can be compared to the first in order to detect any changes or possible problems.
  • Assessment of your Body Mass Index or BMI – one of the biggest things your doctor can detect with your BMI is whether you may have future heart issues, blood pressure problems, or become diabetic.