12 Best Ways To Prevent Stretch Marks

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10.  Use Oil Blends

You can moisture your skin naturally by creating oil blends that support healthy skin and keep it moisturized. For example, you can mix one cup of coconut oil with one cup of olive oil. Add the contents of six vitamin A capsules and four tablespoons of vitamin E oil to the above mixture. Massage this healing oil into your skin twice each day.

Alternately, you can mix coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter by heating these just a bit in a double boiler. You can add some vitamin E oil to this mixture if you like. This is a terrific homemade “body butter” that will really help to prevent stretch marks.

Another healing combination is to add a few drops of orange oil in some vitamin E oil and then apply this solution to your skin twice each day.


11.  Watch Your Weight

Rapid weight gain leads to stretch marks. Even though you might be eating for two, you don’t have to put on more weight than your doctor recommends. For those of you who are planning to do some muscle building at the gym, you are more likely to develop stretch marks when you lift very heavy weights with low repetitions so that you bulk up quickly. Build lean muscle mass and avoid stretch marks by using only moderate weights and increasing the reps.


12. Get Regular Exercise

Although you might think exercise will lead to stretch marks, the opposite it is true. Regular, moderate exercise encourages circulation, which nourishes the skin. It also improves skin elasticity as well as toning the muscles! Regular exercise will also go a long way towards regulating hormones and removing toxins from the body. If you are pregnant, you can do light exercise after speaking to your doctor.





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  1. GraceQuintero

    Apr 11, 2017 at 7:42 am

    I’m 38 weeks pregnant and have been using dermelastic serum religiously since my first trimester to prevent stretch marks. So far so good! I even read on google.com that they recommend this serum to help promote skin elasticity. Ultimately genetics will always play a roll, but it felt good to be doing something to prevent stretch marks if possible. The other plus is it didn’t seem to stain to my clothes at all. And I use it EVERY day.