12 Of The Best Ways To Outsmart Sciatica Pain

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Change Bad Habits

Everyone has their own little favorite quirks or habits. Perhaps you love to read in bed, propped up with three or four pillows. Maybe you just won’t give up your “lucky” pair of tennis shoes, no matter how run down they may be. Or perhaps you carry everything but the kitchen sink in your backpack, “just in case.”  Repetitive movements or movements and positions that repeatedly pull our spines out of whack or put more weight on one side than another can cause sciatic pain.  Take a hard look at your habits and change them. Buy some new “lucky” shoes, take some weight out of the backpack or at least don’t wear it on one side, and try to maintain good posture when sitting in bed or on the sofa.


5.  Watch Your Exercise Routine

For some people, their exercise routine is the basis for their sciatic pain. If you notice that your pain seems to get worse after exercising, stop doing it for a few days. If the pain lessens or goes away, start again, only this time limit yourself to just one or two exercises. Keep adding them back into your routine until you feel that old sciatic pain. This will help you to identify the culprit. If almost any kind of exercise seems to aggravate your pain, you might want to check with a physiotherapist who can recommend an exercise routine that works perfectly for you.


6. Cannabis

Cannabis is well known for relaxing the body and it can be a terrific pain reliever as well. Now, of course, cannabis will not heal a sciatic nerve, but if you know that your nerve pain is temporary because of an injury, such as a herniated disc, and you expect to make a full recovery in a few weeks, nothing can kill the pain and relax you like cannabis. If you aren’t a fan of smoking, you can always heat some cannabis in some food such as soup or some infamous brownies to relax the body and kill the pain from sciatica for hours.

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