12 Superior Herbs And Spices To Fight The Battle Of The Bulge

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

2. Ginger

The active components in ginger, called gingerols, have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, and antibacterial compounds. In addition to all this, it also has vitamins and minerals that make this popular root a virtual powerhouse of healthy compounds. Ginger stimulates the digestive enzymes in the body, which causes it to absorb nutrients more quickly. Studies link the consumption of ginger to an increased metabolism as well, so, as with green tea, drinking ginger tea can help you to burn more calories without any added effort on your part. Drink two or more cups of ginger tea each day, and suck fresh slices of ginger root throughout the day to keep that internal fire burning as hot as possible.


3. Garlic

Besides being super healthy for your heart and cardiovascular system in general, adding more garlic to your meals can help your body metabolize fat and carbs in a much more efficient manner. Studies done involving animals have shown that garlic can prevent the body from creating or adding to fat cells. This means that you might lose some weight by adding garlic, but best of all, you certainly won’t be adding to the fat you already have.


4. Cardamom

With its strong smell, this spice has been used for thousands of years both as a food enhancer and in the holistic Ayurvedic approach to medicine. Cardamom improves the digestive and metabolic functions of the body, which makes it the perfect spice for dropping a few pounds. Cardamom is so powerful that just smelling it has been shown to make people feel happier! Add some to your coffee, pudding, potato dishes, soups, and any kind of meat. Cardamom is used for numerous other health issues, such as headaches and bladder infections, and to stop joint or muscle pain, so you can’t go wrong by adding this to your foods on a regular basis.


5. Coriander

This common ingredient in Indian foods has also been shown to increase metabolic function. In studies involving animals, coriander helped them to lose weight and keep it off. Drink coriander as a tea. This spice is also a mild diuretic, so you can lose some extra water weight at the same time.


6. Black Pepper

A timeless way to add a little spice to your life, that pepper grinder sitting on your kitchen table contains a substance called piperine. It makes you sneeze, yes, but it also prevents your body from storing fat. Sejong University conducted studies that found that this common food enhancer intervened with genes in the body that were responsible for making new fat cells, inhibiting them from doing so. Add that spice to everything! If pepper is not your thing, you can always take piperine supplements.

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