15 Healthy Habits To Begin In 2017

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

8. Develop an attitude of gratitude

Oprah was a devoted fan of jotting down what she was grateful for every day. She found that even if it was as simple as being happy to wake up, it multiplied her appreciation and happiness tenfold.


9. Take up meditation

Most people are afraid to try meditation because they are afraid they can’t completely quiet their mind. If this is what is holding you back, check online for a guided meditation and sit quietly as you let your imagination be directed away from your daily problems.


10. Make it a point to get outdoors every day

Besides taking in the beauty that nature offers us on a regular basis, being able to get outside for about 15 minutes or so will lift your mood.


11. Keep protein-based snacks nearby at all times

There are many snacks you can keep handy so you won’t be tempted to head for the vending machine. Nuts, granola bars, and string cheese are convenient to pack up as well as a piece of fresh fruit.

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