16 Health and Wellness Trends in 2014

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5. Is Corn the Next Gluten?

Seems as if it’s going that way. What used to be a staple of the American diet, right up there with potatoes, has suddenly fallen by the wayside. Corn has become a GMO product and many people are turning away from it. If only someone would wisen up and start growing all natural, non-GMO corn for those who want it.


6. Coconut Sugar

People have been on the lookout for an all-natural, healthier way to sweeten our coffee. Although agave was a hit for a while, after the truth got out about its high fructose content, it’s now on the naughty list. Now comes along coconut sugar. It’s low-glycemic, unrefined, and it tastes great. This might just be what we have been waiting for. Look for this to be the big news item in 2014. Find out other sugar substitutes.


7. Disruptors

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the health world is the way people are becoming aware that the chemicals in everyday products are a serious detriment to our health. The overuse of plastic bottles, beauty products with almost no regulation, the influx of untested products from China, as well as toxic air fresheners and perfumed products, are perfect examples of how these products disrupt our production of hormones. This topic has come to the foreground recently. Expect to hear more about it in 2014.


8. Backlash against Hormonal Birth Control

What used to be the norm is now getting a lot of media attention, even in mainstream media. The side effects of hormonal birth control and the picture it paints isn’t a pretty one. Although everyone realizes there are good and bad to every drug, and birth control is no exception, but don’t be surprised when you hear young women talking about how they are looking for more natural methods of birth control.

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