Completely Natural Ways to Get Rid of Wasps and Treat Stings

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2.  Wasps Enjoying Your Bird House?

For some reason, wasps seem to enjoy building their nests in birdhouses. You can avoid this by simply lining the inside of the roof with some aluminum foil (you can easily attach it with a staple gun) or rubbing the underside of the roof, inside and outside, with some Ivory soap. Wasps don’t like the smell of soap or the sound that aluminum foil makes. One application of soap should last an entire season and the birds won’t mind it. Another remedy, as we mentioned above, is to paint the underside of your bird house, inside and out, a sky blue color. For some reason, wasps and mud daubers will not build a nest on blue paint – go figure!


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3. Soap Sprays

Speaking of soap, you can always make up a safe spray made with some simple dishwashing soap and water. Using one of those garden hose type sprayers, spray the nest or circling wasps from a safe distance. This will kill the wasps and remove the nest while you stay safe. This works great at dusk, when wasps are less active and much less aggressive.

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