How To Avoid Getting Fat During The Holidays

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Be mindful of what you’re eating

This is probably the most obvious solution, but it is so easy to overlook. The abundance of cookies, pie, and other sugary snacks and desserts to be found during the holiday season can make it all too tempting to binge. It is okay to have a little bit; Christmas and Hanukkah do only come once a year—but the crucial factor is keeping your intake under control.

The true secret for not getting fat from holiday meals is portion control. Simply put smaller portions of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, pie, or whatever is being served at the big meal on your plate. No one is expecting you to have Soylent and mineral water during a holiday meal; you can eat some delicious and even sweet foods. What you eat matters, but how much you eat is more important. Take smaller portions and stop eating when you are full. Don’t gorge yourself because “it’s only once a year.” When the rationalizing increases, so does your belt size.

Finally, be sure you choose a balanced selection of foods during the holiday meals. Many people overindulge on sweets and carbohydrates during this time of year. Be sure you are drinking plenty of water and getting sufficient amounts of fiber and protein as well. It’s not just all about stuffing and pie.

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  • Sheila Nico

    This maybe a laughing stuff to others but as I have read in the Consumer Health Digest, there is a lot of food related death such as stroke and M.I during holidays, well people should read this article as not only to avoid getting fat but also to survive these deadly fatty feast..