How To Kill The Parasites You Almost Certainly Have (No Matter How Clean You Are!)

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Your doctor can help to identify the parasite you have, but most conventional doctors’ answer to this is to prescribe you anti-parasitic pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs are toxic. They are designed to kill the parasite but stop just short of killing you. This is why most people experience swelling of the hands, feet, lymph nodes, lack of coordination, problems with eyesight, and even convulsions are common when taking these types of medications.

Some of the best, natural ways of killing internal parasites are:


1. Wormwood or Black Walnut Hulls

Black walnut hulls or wormwood are known to kill adult worms. The typical dosage is 500 mgs of wormwood and black walnut hulls each day for a 14-day period.


2. Cloves

Cloves are a well-known remedy to kill worm eggs. A recommended dose for killing most parasitic worm eggs is half a teaspoon of cloves or clove powder for 14 days.


3. Diatomaceous Earth

This is probably the best way to naturally kill almost all parasites and their eggs easily and quickly. You need to be certain that you are buying food-grade diatomaceous earth. This is a completely natural pesticide that is harmless to humans and pets. It kills all types of insects, parasites, worms, and ants by dehydrating them. For this method, you take one tablespoon of diatomaceous earth each day for seven days. Don’t use industrial grade diatomaceous earth as this is often used for swimming pool water filtration and can contain other chemicals. You should also avoid rubbing diatomaceous earth on your hands or other parts of the body as it can have a very drying effect on the skin. Diatomaceous earth contains selenium, which absorbs heavy metals and helps to remove them from the body, so this means that you can kill parasites while detoxifying from heavy metals at the same time. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids while taking diatomaceous earth, as it can dehydrate you as well!

No matter which treatment you decide to try, keep in mind that sometimes you will feel worse for a day or two before you start to feel better. This is because as the parasites die, they release toxins from their bodies. Sometimes worms will attempt to escape the poison by burrowing deeper into the intestines and tissues. This can cause some cramps and sharp pains. Even after the parasites are dead, your body still must flush them out.


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So, while some cramping, fatigue, and feelings of grogginess are to be expected, they are short-lived. Eat a wholesome, natural diet and when the process has finished, you should find that you are feeling better than ever.


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