Is Your Sunscreen Causing More Cancer Than The Sun?

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What Should You Use Instead of Sunscreen?

Despite some of the questionable chemicals that are included in some sunscreens, there are some products that are made without the toxic chemicals. Check out a health food store that sells more natural products and ask a salesperson what kind of natural sunscreens they sell. Look for some that have titanium minerals and zinc.

The safest way to enjoy the outdoors is to go outside, wear protective clothing (long sleeved shirts, hats) and stay in the shade. When you are outdoors and wearing sunscreen, you will not be able to take in any natural vitamin D from the sun. With so many people protecting themselves from the sun when they are outside, more and more people are suffering from a vitamin D deficiency. Having too low of this vitamin in your system can result in problems with your autoimmune system, heart problems, and skin cancer.

There are some natural oils that can also protect you when you are outdoors in the sun. Coconut oil is an excellent natural sunscreen as is Shea butter, jojoba, and eucalyptus oils. Zinc oxide is also effective in keeping the dangerous sun rays away from your body.

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