How To Balance Your Root Chakra In 3 Easy Steps

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2. Yoga

Honoring your physical nature and connecting to the earth can be accomplished through various yoga poses that have a strong influence on your muladhara. Yoga is an important practice that can connect body, mind, and spirit. This is a powerful instrument that can realign your body and allow the free flow of energy to your chakras.


3. Meditation

When you meditate, you can achieve a balance by looking inward and focusing on increasing the flow of energy to your root chakra. This is a powerful and spiritual practice that can help to resolve blockages of energy and can bring you a deep sense of peace and connectivity to your root chakra.


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In the end, you will find your sense of balance will come to you when you decide that you are going to make it a priority to live a whole and happy life. Take whatever time you need to reestablish your roots so you will have the ability to stand strong should you need to.


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