Natural Blood Thinners That Can Save Your Life

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What exactly are blood thinners?

Blood thinners are natural compounds and chemical medications that work to prevent blood clots forming in veins and arteries which can stop blood flow to the heart, brain or the lungs. These clots can be highly dangerous, and in most cases may be fatal if they reach the heart, lungs or brain.

Blood thinning drugs are also known as anticoagulants, and keep blood cells from clumping together in the veins which may cause clotting to occur. Doctors may most likely suggest or recommend a blood thinner for patients who have heart disease, undergone heart surgery, possibly had a stroke, or suffered a deep vein thrombosis.

Anticoagulant drugs can include aspirin and warfarin, and for the best results must be taken exactly as prescribed and always under a doctor’s supervision.


Why thinner blood can be beneficial

Research has indicated that thinner blood may improve your overall circulation. The heart has to work harder to move thicker blood around the body, and if there is a blockage, it could cause blood pressure to rise, which can result in damage to other organs like the heart, eyes, brain, and intestines.

You do not need to have heart disease to enjoy the benefits of thinner blood, and nor do you have to take anticoagulants, which may have some serious side effects.

Extensive studies have revealed that that there are certain foods which act as natural blood thinners that may help to keep blood from clustering together and forming dangerous clots.


Prevent heart disease and blood clots naturally

Health experts agree that a heart healthy diet must include fresh fruit, vegetables, healthy oils, and healthy proteins. For the best results, this diet should limit intake of high-fat, high-cholesterol, and high-sugar foods.

Here is a list of foods that can help keep your blood flowing smoothly in your veins.

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  1. Salmon. This is one of the fish types that is high in omega 3 fatty acids which are known to help lower cholesterol, as well as reduce the chances of a blood clot. Others include tuna, trout and mackerel.
  2. Vitamin E. Foods such as almonds, spinach, sweet potato, avocados, and especially butternut squash, are rich in vitamin E content. Vitamin E has several anti-clotting compounds which can act as an effective and natural blood thinner.
  3. Olive oil. Olive oil is rated as one of the healthiest oils which combat free radicals that cause harm and inflammation in the body. This helps to thin the blood and reduce inflammation which is known to thicken the blood which can cause a clot in an inflamed vein.
  4. Red wine. Some studies have rendered results that a glass of red wine per day may help to prevent heart disease by thinning the blood. However, don’t overdo it as research has also shown that this powerful, natural blood thinner could raise your risk of extra bleeding in the case of an injury or accident.
  5. Ginger is a spice which is obtained from the root of the plant. It has an array of health benefits, but is mostly used for many types of stomach problems like nausea, indigestion, as well as intestinal cramps and inflammation. The blood thinning factor in ginger is derived from the presence of a chemical known as salicylate, a major ingredient in aspirin – a potent blood thinning drug.
  6. Garlic has been used for many years as a medicinal herb in many countries worldwide because of its blood thinning properties. Garlic has many other health benefits such as helping to combat high blood pressure, lowers bad cholesterol, and fights against thrombosis by reducing the clumping together of blood platelets.
  7. Kelp and several other seaweed products can benefit sufferers of high blood pressure as it is a natural anti-coagulant, and helps the heart to work easier.
  8. Turmeric. This yellow colored spice has been used as a folk medicine by eastern nations for hundreds of years. The main ingredient in turmeric, known as curcumin, provides most of the health benefits, which includes helping to prevent clots from forming by reducing platelets sticking together.
  9. Pineapple is a tropical fruit that contains an enzyme called bromelain which, in addition to helping prevent the formation of uric acid crystals, which can cause gout, are also a strong natural blood thinner that lessens the stickiness of blood platelets.
  10. Cayenne peppers are regarded as one the most powerful natural blood-thinners because of the very high content of the chemical salicylate. Cayenne peppers may also lower high blood pressure, and greatly improves blood circulation to the extremities. The best way to take cayenne peppers is by means of supplements in capsule form, or can be ground up and used as a spice in food.
  11. Vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, and onions may also help to keep the blood thin.
  12. Fruits like berries, grapes, grapefruit, and pomegranates are also good options.

Basically, it means that if you follow a healthy heart diet, and include as many of the foods as you can that promote blood thinning by preventing platelets from sticking together, you have every chance of avoiding a dangerous blood clot developing.


Prescribed medications

There are many natural ways to prevent blood clotting. However, it is important to note that the natural remedies must not be used in place of prescribed medication. If your doctor has put you onto coagulant drugs, there must have been a good reason to do so.

And if you are taking meds, it is still vital to follow a healthy heart diet which includes some of the blood thinning foods. Most of these foods have several health benefits as well that will be of value to your general health and well-being.

If you are free of heart disease or any other cardio-vascular problems, then a diet rich in blood thinning foods will give you the best chance of completely avoiding future issues in that regard.