The 3 Most Surprising Health Benefits Of Blueberries (They Make You Smarter, Too!)

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3. Blueberries make you smarter

We’re not saying that eating some blueberries will make you ace your next calculus exam, but research has shown that blueberry consumption can protect your brain from age-related neurodegenerative decline.

It has to do with those oxidative compounds we’ve talked so much about. Those free radicals can cause oxidative damage to brain cells as well, accelerating the brain’s ageing and increasing the likelihood of dementia and other similar conditions. In studies on elderly patients with signs of neurodegenerative decay, consuming blueberries either in whole form or as juice was proven to slow cognitive aging and improve brain function.


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There really is no downside to adding more blueberries into your diet. Blueberries are the ultimate win-win fruit; they taste great and they are good for you. They are also unique in that they blend well with many other fruits and other foods, making them a versatile ingredient which can be used and combined many different ways. Pick some up today and enjoy their numerous health benefits and incredible taste.


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