The Benefits Of Tomatoes Can Make A Tricky Turn Into Side Effects!

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2. Allergies & Body Aches

Some people might actually be allergic to tomatoes. They could possibly develop symptoms including rashes, itchy mouth, throat, or skin on your face, hives, eczema, coughing, sneezing and swelling of the face, mouth or tongue. Tomatoes contain histamine which is one of the main compounds responsible for triggering allergies. Most often, allergies are triggered when the fruit is consumed, but tomatoes can also cause dermatitis – a allergy-like condition that occurs when someone touches the fruit.

The histamine in the tomatoes can also cause body aches by producing swelling in the joints and elsewhere in the body. These body aches can also potentially be caused by solanine, a basic compound in tomatoes that builds up calcium in the tissues. An excessive amount of this can cause inflammation of the tissues.


3. Digestive Ailments

Tomatoes can cause a few digestive problems for those susceptible to them or with compromised systems already. One of the biggest issues is Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and it can be caused from the seeds of the tomatoes. Tomatoes can also cause bloating in those that suffer from IBS already.

Diarrhea can also be experienced from eating tomatoes. Improperly washed or raised tomatoes can carry salmonella which causes diarrhea, but tomatoes themselves are quite acidic which can lead to an intolerance and thus stomach problems. If you are already suffering from acid reflux or GERD, tomatoes can aggravate the problem and cause you to suffer from acute gastrointestinal upset.

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