The Frightful 15: Food Additives That are Killing You

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You might try to kid yourself when you are eating those processed or junk foods and tell yourself that they aren’t all that bad, are they now?

In a simple sentence; yes, they are that bad.

Eating processed foods, junk foods, or fast foods is a virtual guarantee that you are consuming any number of toxic, carcinogens, or questionable food additives. There are more than 10,000 possible food additives that are allowed into the foods we consume, not counting the ones that are frequently added to the package itself.

Additives are used for various reasons; to stop fats or oils from going rancid, to stop fruit from browning, to “enrich” the food with synthetic vitamins, or to greatly slow down the spoiling rate. They can also be added to improve the flavor or texture, and especially the appearance.

Although almost all of these ingredients have been linked in numerous studies to health concerns or even shown to be downright dangerous, they are approved because these Big Food companies conduct their own research and they tell the FDA or the USDA that these additives are “Generally Recognized as Safe,” a.k.a. GRAS.  The way it works is, if Big Food tells that FDA that this new additive they going to put in food is GRAS, then the FDA gives it immediate approval.


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GRAS was intended for natural things that truly are safe, such as basil leaves or pepper or chamomile flowers, but for synthetic chemicals.

Now of course we can’t possibly list all 10,000 additives, but we are going to list the 15 worst offenders, the additives you should avoid at all costs.  Most of these are already banned or have to contain warning labels in other countries, but not in the good old USA, so you are going to have to do some reading. If you see any of the items from this list on a food label, put it back on the shelf and choose something else. There are plenty of organic, more natural alternatives in this world if spend a few minutes and seek them out.

Keep reading for the frightful 15 food additives that have no business being in our food.

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