The Incredible Healing Power Of Clay

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In today’s modern age, it can be easy to forget some of the more common medicinal methods of the Native Americans. In fact, the knowledge of the ancient cultures holds many valuable lessons for those of us who look for it. For several thousand years, native people have used the world around them to cure themselves and promote their health. One of the ways they accomplished this was through the application of clay.

If you think about it, the use of clay to cure should be obvious, and it has even been observed in nature. Animals that have wounds or injuries have been seen rolling in clay or soaking in dirt. You may have also seen some animals licking or consuming clay when they are sick. It is believed that clay helps a bad stomach. If you have problems with ulcers or even constipation, ingesting medicinal clay can help clear things up in your GI tract. It really is a versatile method for clearing up common ailments.

In recent news, the use of clay for medicinal purposes has found new advocates for its use in curing modern ailments. The most common form of clay for medicinal uses is bentonite clay. One reason this particular type of clay works well is that it has the ability to remove toxins from the body. This clay is also beneficial for its antibiotic properties, and it has some amazing abilities to cure common illnesses.

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Historical Applications of Clay

The use of clay for its healing properties is something that is well known in ancient cultures. For one, contemporary Native Americans used clay for its antibiotic uses. Along the West coast of the Americas, certain native cultures were fixated on the kisolite clay. This particular clay had properties that help stomach and gastrointestinal issues. It was also well known for skin injuries and treating open wounds, a quality that nearly all types of clay share.

The applications of clay throughout history is something that has fascinated researchers. In fact, the use of clay as an antibiotic is one of the more intriguing studies. The main discovery is that clay is a natural remedy and kills bacteria in the same way modern disinfectants do. This is simply amazing. In fact, early findings seem to suggest that clay is even more powerful than our modern antibiotics, and more effective too.

Antibiotics have their place, of course, since the early 20th century drugs like penicillin have been useful in treating ailments and infections. The problem lies in the overuse of antibiotics that results in resistant bacteria and superbugs. If we continue to use antibiotics at the pace we do now, there may very well come a time when illnesses won’t respond to medical treatment. This is why studying the properties of medicinal clay is incredibly important.

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Why We Need Clay in Modern Medicine

In our daily lives we encounter a wide variety of bacteria, germs and microbes that impact our health. We can also come into contact with harmful chemicals in our own homes and in the products we purchase. These toxins can present real health challenges on a daily basis. If you combine potential toxins with the foods you eat, you get a double whammy in terms of health impacts. Using alternative medicines seems like the obvious and natural way to go when it comes to taking care of yourself. This alternative seems especially relevant when you consider the overuse of antibiotics and the sheer number of drug-resistant bacteria present in our everyday lives.

When considering the benefits of medicinal clay, you should also take into account the ability of clay to absorb toxins. Clay will actually pull toxins out of the body and absorb them, making them inert. With a vast array of micronutrients and nutrients, clay can supplement your own requirements for certain minerals as well.


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The use of clay is something that you may not have considered with regards to your health, but with a little understanding, it is something you can use to help supplement areas that may be neglected or that require just a little boost. We cannot avoid toxins or germs completely, but medicinal clay will help reduce some of the impacts these elements have on your life.