Top 12 Amazing Ideas for Making Your Home Smell Great Naturally

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5. Make Your Own Reed Diffuser

These popular room diffusers are great for gently perfuming the air but they can be expensive and they are often made with toxic chemical fragrances. They are so easy to make, and cost only a few dollars.

Buy a reed diffuser bottle, which is available at almost any craft store for less than 3 dollars. Pick out your favorite essential oil(s).  Use some bamboo skewers or reeds, which are also sold at craft stores for about a dollar. Now, fill your bottle about half way full with plain water. Add two tablespoons of plain vodka (don’t use flavored ones like lemon unless you want a lemon smell). Now put about 12 drops of essential oil into the bottle and shake. Place one end of the reed into the bottle and allow it to soak up the solution. Reverse the reeds and you have your own personalized reed diffuser. Rotate the reeds about twice a week and refill your diffuser as needed. Yes, it’s that simple! Place all the ingredients in a pretty box or bag and you have a great gift for your friends and family!


6.  Make Your Own Potpourri

If you have a garden with flowers, you can make your own potpourri yourself. Collect your flowers and herbs and dry them a few days in the sun. Place them in a shallow decorative bowl and in no time at all, your house can be filled with scent of these beautiful, natural flowers.  If you don’t have a garden, you can always buy pre-mixed bags of potpourri.


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7.  Make an Herbal Wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for the outside of your door, they are  a great way to make your home smell seasonably fresh by using whatever plants, trees, flowers, and herbs  are available at that time of the year. Buy a straw or wire wreath at your local craft store and then attach herbs, flowers, pine branches, acorns, or whatever you find with some floral wire. Replace as needed. If you like you can “freshen” up the smell by spritzing your wreath with a mixture of water and essential oils.


8.  Olive Oil Candles

These are a fantastic way to scent your home and enjoy the warmth of candle light anytime. These types of candles are sold almost everywhere. They are great for emergency lights as well!

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