Top 12 Ways You Can Avoid GMO Foods And Save Your Life!


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7. Apples

GM apples won’t be hitting your supermarket until about 2017, but there are two different types of apples that were approved by the FDA. These have been modified so that they will not turn brown once they have been cut or bitten. These apples have received very little testing, but since when has that ever stopped the FDA? Soon after these apples are put on the market, you should be wary of everything that contains apple, including applesauce, apple pie, or apple flavored anything.


8. Soy

Like corn, it is almost impossible to find soy that is not a GM product. At least 95 percent of all soy beans are GM foods. The sad thing is that GM products have taken what used to be a healthy alternative to meat and made it into a Frankenfood. GM soybeans have less protein, fiber, and zinc, but far more omega-6 fatty acids and saturated fats. Avoid foods that list lecithin, emulsifiers, vegetable starch, hydrogenated oil, hydrogenated soy bean oil, or hydrolyzed plant protein in their list of ingredients. These are all GM soy beans.


9. Sugar Beets

This is another formerly healthy vegetable that has been ruined through GM technology. More than 95 percent of all sugar beets are GM products. To top it off, almost all sugar products are made from either corn or sugar beets. Never buy fresh sugar beets unless you are certain that they are organic, and never use any sugar product unless it states that it comes from 100 percent pure cane (sugar cane) sugar.


10. Dairy

At least 20 percent of all dairy cows in the U.S. are regularly given growth hormones to increase milk production — you should always buy organic dairy products. Dairy cows are also fed GM corn and GM soy, which can be passed into the milk. These growth hormones, known as rBGH (bovine growth hormone) have been banned in most other countries, including the entire European Union, but for some unknown reason, they are still used in America. Choose raw or organic, free range milk, meat, and dairy products.


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11. Cotton Seed

This is typically found in many margarines, vegetable oils, and baked goods. There are no accurate estimates as to exactly how much of this crop is GM, but it does appear to be at least 50 percent. Cotton seed oil has been linked to inflammation, allergies, and immune system problems. Since there is no way of knowing if the cotton seed oil in your product is a GM product, avoid it to be on the safe side.


12. Papayas

This tropical fruit is incredibly healthy. There are numerous reasons to eat this fruit, but be careful which country you buy it from. All papayas that originate in Hawaii are GM products. In fact, Hawaiian papayas were the first Frankenfruit created. Look for papaya from other countries to ensure that you are getting Mother Nature’s finest product and not some scientifically created monster.

Of course, this list covers almost every GM product sold in American supermarkets, but it would be next to impossible to list every product that contains GM foods. Your best option for avoiding Frankenfoods is to cook from scratch yourself using fresh, organic ingredients.



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