Top 15 Foods New Mothers Need Plenty Of (#5 is So Easy to Make!)

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13. Almonds

Almonds are another great snack food that will give you some essential nutrients that new mothers and their babies really need. Almonds contain vitamin E and omega- 3s, which increase your milk supply as well as providing calcium and protein. To increase breast milk production, soak 4 to 6 shelled almonds in water overnight, and then eat them the next morning. You should also eat a handful or so during the day as a super food super snack!


14. Fenugreek

This herb isn’t as well known here in the US, but it is super helpful to new mothers! Fenugreek will increase breast milk production as well as ease digestive problems such as gas and constipation. Both the seeds and the leaves of this plant should be included in your diet. You can soak one tablespoon of the seeds in one cup of water overnight. In the morning, boil the seeds and the water for a couple of minutes, strain out the seeds, and then drink the water. Fenugreek has saponins and choline, both of which your baby needs for proper development.


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15. Fennel

This is another super food that all new mothers should consume, as it can help prevent colic! Everyone wants to avoid a painful episode of colic, and this is an easy way to do just that. Fennel will also increase your breast milk as well as improve your digestion. You can chew one teaspoon of fennel seeds after each meal, or make a fennel tea by boiling two teaspoons of seeds in four cups of water. Allow the mixture to simmer for about 5 minutes, cover it, and turn off the heat. Once it is cool enough to drink, strain it, and add a teaspoon of honey to taste. Drink this tea once a day.

Just one more note about food: although most new mothers are concerned about regaining their pre-pregnancy body, resist the urge to diet. Rest assured that if you are eating a healthily, slowly but surely, your weight will return to a more normal level. When you are breastfeeding, your body needs more calories. Despite what you might have seen from some television celebrity, you should focus on feeding yourself and your baby the healthiest, most energizing foods possible. Never cut back on calories until you get the OK from your doctor. Enjoy this time with your newborn, rather than focusing on your weight.


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