Top 5 Spices That Can Stop Your Sweet Tooth

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 3. Nutmeg

This is a common spice that’s often found in pumpkin pies and spiced foods and drinks. Nutmeg has a lot of great benefits. Besides being a spice that will bring back comforting memories of good times and holidays, nutmeg increases the body’s serotonin levels. This is another good spice to keep those sugar cravings at bay.


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4.  Cinnamon

Now you are probably not surprised to see this spice on this list. This is a super popular spice that can kick a sugar craving straight to the curb! Cinnamon has a lightly sweet flavor that can satisfy you while offering you other important benefits. Cinnamon will reduce the glycemic level of any food it’s eaten with. This is great news for diabetics as well as those who have a sweet tooth. Find out all health benefits of cinnamon.


5. Cardamom

Light and a little sweet, cardamom is another popular herb. Some people think of cardamom as cinnamons slightly spicier sister. It has a delightful lemony-vanilla smell to it that no one will forget. This is a really versatile herb that you can add to many other foods to kill that sugar craving. Add some to your smoothie, yogurt, or oatmeal. Super yum!

Another alternative, although it is not an herb is to try a little organic stevia. Adding some stevia to that nutmeg or cinnamon and putting it on your morning oatmeal just might give you the sweet taste your crave without causing you physical harm.


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