Top 8 Foods To Keep Your Spirits Up And Your Weight Down Over The Holidays

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3. Low-fat yogurt

Low-fat dairy products contain selenium and have been shown to relieve people who consume them of incidents of mild depression. In addition to certain dairy products other foods that contain selenium include lean meat, beans, seafood, and whole grains. All of these foods are already good for you so any extra benefits are just a bonus.


4. Salmon

Foods that are naturally high in omega-3 fatty acids should already be a part of your regular diet. These foods benefit your overall health, especially in your heart. It has been shown that people who consume foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids were less likely to become depressed. Salmon is a great way to get a good dose of these fatty acids as well as mackerel, sardines, tuna, flaxseed and many of the dark green leafy vegetables.


5. Nuts

Even though some nuts have more fat content than others, the nutritional benefits outweigh any negative aspects. Walnuts are an excellent treat for anyone who has issues with their heart. Pistachios also contribute to healing the heart as well as keeping blood sugar levels on an even keel. Whether you munch on them at a party or have them crusted on a piece of fish (joining two foods that will put you in a good mood), make sure you try to include them whenever you can.


6. Avocado

If you already like avocados you’re in luck. Consuming avocados ensures that you are getting a good dose of vitamins C, E, fatty acids, and carotenoids.  This popular fruit actually has more potassium than a banana and the fiber content will help to keep you feeling fuller longer which will help you to better resist some tempting treats. With the recent popularity of guacamole, it should be pretty easy to increase your intake of avocados over the holiday season.

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