Top 8 Foods To Keep Your Spirits Up And Your Weight Down Over The Holidays

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7. Berries

Most berries, whether it’s strawberries, blueberries or raspberries, are a naturally sweet treat. When they are fresh and in season they are almost like eating candy and can be a great substitute for more high-calorie selections. One of the major reasons berries can help keep you in a good mood is that they contain, anthocyanins and anthocyanidins. These are nutrients that help alleviate stress and cut down on episodes of depression.


8. Carbohydrates

While carbohydrates seem to always get a bad rap, they are actually the component that helps to move a vital amino acid to your brain. Without  carbohydrates to push tryptophan through your bloodstream you will experience a drop in your blood sugar levels and quickly find your mood hitting bottom. There are good carbohydrates, which are complex and come from fruits and vegetables, and simple carbs which are what most junk and fast food selections consist of.

The foods listed above can definitely have an impact on your positive demeanor. When you are feeling calm and your mood is positive, you will find yourself less likely to indulge or overeat foods that you know will put on the pounds.

Try to drink plenty of fluids, especially water. Staying hydrated will keep you from feeling ravenous and tempt you to grab the first foods you come across. Don’t show up at a party or event hungry. Eating a small snack before you go out will go a long way to ensuring you don’t overdo it. If you find yourself confronted with a buffet, opt for protein first, then fruits and vegetables.


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Do your best at taking some time for yourself and paying attention to your body’s nutritional needs. It’s perfectly fine to treat yourself to foods and beverages you don’t consume on a regular basis. Just follow the 80/20 rule – follow your program 80 percent of the time and treat yourself 20 percent of the time. Enjoy yourself and if you go off the wagon just brush yourself off and get right back to your regular routine the next day.


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