Top Anti-Bloating Food and Drinks: You Can Have a Flatter Tummy Tonight!

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1. Bananas

Bananas and other foods that tend to be rich in potassium such as oranges, avocados, and pistachios, prevent your body from absorbing salt from in your foods and this will reduce salt induced bloat. Bananas are also a good source of soluble fiber, which can prevent constipation. Find out other natural ways to help constipation.


2. Asparagus

OK, so eating asparagus will make your pee smell funny, but who will notice except you? If you are popping buttons on your pants, though, everyone will notice that! Asparagus is a powerful anti-bloat food as it is a natural diuretic, so it helps you to lose water, which will relive that uncomfortable bloated feeling.


3. Papaya

Papayas contain an enzyme called papain that helps to break down proteins in the digestive system. This improves digestion and stops gas from forming.


4. Cucumbers

Have you ever noticed that people put cucumber slices on their eyes to reduce puffiness? Well, eating them (or drinking cucumber water) can do the same thing for your bloated belly. Quercetin, an antioxidant in cucumbers, reduces swelling and inhibits inflammation.


5. Fennel Seeds

In many countries, fennel plants are served after dinner to improve digestion. Think of fennel seeds as the savior of your digestive system. Fennel seeds relax spasms in the colon, which allow gas to go out of the body, which will relieve bloating.

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