Top Signs You Worry Way Too Much

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4. You Are Using Alcohol, Food, Or Drugs To Excess

If you need alcohol, drugs, or food in order to deal with your feelings of stress and anxiety, or if you use these things to distract yourself from worrying, you definitely have a problem. Suppressing how you feel with any of the above might seem like a good idea at the time, but in the long run, these things will only cause you serious harm.


5. You Are A Glass Half-Empty Kind Of Person

Our minds have developed a survival skill where we frequently scan our environment looking for threats to our safety. In our modern world, this can sometimes become a nuisance as well as an actual danger to our own mental and emotional health. For example, if your kid is outside riding his bicycle, you could imagine all the terrible things that could happen to him, but what good would this do you? Or your child? Obsessing over things that very likely will not happen robs you from the peace and happiness you could be enjoying now.

If you find yourself thinking those negative thoughts, stop and replace them with better, more positive thoughts. Rather than thinking, “Johnny is going to get hit by a car when he goes bike riding,” replace that thought with, “Now Johnny can have fun with his friends on their bikes!”

Always make time in your day for things that will bring you pleasure and relax the mind such as yoga, meditation, listening to music, or other practices that will relax you.


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If you find you simply cannot control your thoughts and your chronic worry is doing you harm, speak to a therapist about alternative methods of dealing with your worry and anxiety.


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