12 Mistakes Everyone Makes When Weighing Themselves

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Are you a scale addict? We all know people like this. Perhaps you are one yourself. Scale addicts step on the scales way more often than they need to. Like selfie addicts, scale addicts do it morning and night. Sometimes again after lunch. Some of them step on and off the scale three, four, or even five times in a minute or two, hoping that the number might get a bit smaller. Sometimes they weigh themselves, brush their teeth, then step on it again. Some people swear that standing with their big toe off the edge of the scale is the only accurate measurement, while other will tell you that everyone knows you must keep your heel on the back edge.

Why do so many of us give away our power, our self-esteem, and our self-worth to this little measuring device on the ground? Unfortunately, for many people, their mood for the day depends on the number they see on the scale in the morning.

The truth is, although scales can be a good guide, they shouldn’t become a source of your identity, your source of anxiety, or a source of stress.

When speaking strictly in terms of health, it is your body composition, specifically the body-fat percentage, that matters much more than that number on the scale. Many body builders are technically overweight, but all that extra weight is pure, lean muscle.

Scales do have their place in the world. They simply shouldn’t have such an important place in your world. When you do weigh yourself, avoid these 12 common mistakes most people make.

Keep reading; this is going to make your world a happier place.


1. Don’t Do it Daily

Seriously. Our weight fluctuates with a simple glass of water, so why torture yourself over that half a pound the scale says you gained in one day. Don’t act OCD and keep weighing yourself every day. Once a week, the same day, the same time, is truly your best choice.

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