Can Marijuana Actually Protect the Brain? Cool!

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No, we are not kidding! Researchers have found that smoking your favorite herbal supplement can actually help those who have undergone traumatic brain injuries.

In fact, scientists say smoking that blunt could even save your life. Recent research shows that there is a potential link between the use of marijuana and keeping your grey matter safe in the event of a devastating brain injury.

The Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute conducted a study of more than 440 subjects who had had traumatic brain injuries. They discovered that those who smoked weed regularly were much less likely to die than those who did not. In fact, only 2.4 percent of the patients who tested positive for marijuana use died, compared to the 11.5 percent of tested negative for THC.

In a separate study, researchers from Hebrew University in Israel found that mice that had undergone major head trauma had higher levels of a cannabinoid compound that is extremely similar to THC that offered some protection to the brains of these mice. Some animals produce this compound, called 2-arachodonoyl, and some don’t.

The mice the produced this THC-like compound as a natural response to help protect the brain from any further injury. Later, scientists deliberately injected this compound to the mice that did not naturally produce this compound and they found that it did reduce the amount of further brain injury to these mice.

It’s believed to work by reducing the buildup of a toxic chemical (glutamate), decrease the amount of free radicals, which cause even further damage to cells, while decreasing the amount of a chemical in the body called TNF, which causes inflammation, and increases the flow of blood to the brain.

It’s time to think of pot as the new seat belt, air bag, or helmet!

That little green supplement can do a great deal more for your brain than you imagined. Keep reading about 4 other ways pot can help you keep your noggin in tip top shape.

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