Steps To Take If Someone Is Severely Bleeding

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5. Clean the wound

If possible, remove any dirt or debris from the site of the wound in order to prevent infection. Do not remove larger foreign objects that may be embedded in the wound as this can make the bleeding worse. Also do not attempt to push on anything embedded in the wound either.


5. Apply pressure to the wound

Using a sterile cloth or bandage when possible, press onto the wound directly at the site of the bleeding. If you have nothing sterile in the vicinity, then use your hands. Keep the pressure maintained without removing it to check on the bleeding as this can disrupt the formation of blood clots which will stop the bleeding.


6. Cover the wound

Using the bandage or other material you have on hand, cover the wound using anything you can to secure it in place. However, be sure not to tie or attach anything too tightly as this in turn could cut off the circulation. The bandage should only be tight enough to stay in place and apply some pressure to the wound.


7. Elevate the wound

Any bleeding wound, as long as it does not appear to be broken, should be raised so that it is above the heart. This will stop blood rushing to it so intensely, slowing down the bleeding. A good option is to use a chair or another large, stable object if one is not available.


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8. Keep the person comfortable until help arrives

Once you’ve followed all the above steps, your task is to keep the person as comfortable as possible until medical assistance arrives. Ensure they are not too hot or too cold, apply more dressing to the wound if necessary (do not remove any blood-soaked dressing as this can make the bleeding worse, simply apply more layers if necessary), if they are able to, keep the person talking, and ask them about any medication they take or medical conditions they have in case you need to relay this information to the medics once they arrive.

Above all, when treating a person with severe bleeding you must remain calm and logical following these steps wherever you can. It can be an extremely distressing situation, but by focusing on stopping the bleeding, you’re doing the best you can until medical help arrives.



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