The Many Benefits of Raw Shea Butter and 20 Ways to Use It!

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11. Awesome Anti-Aging Power

Shea butter is perhaps one of the best and most powerful anti-aging compounds you can use on your skin. Shea butter stimulates your body to make more collagen, which is what gives skin the dewy, fresh appearance. It also helps to keep the skin soft, supple, and nourished so that it looks radiant and youthful. Shea butter naturally penetrates the skin and won’t clog the pores.


12. Lip Care and Repair

One of the great things about shea butter is that you can use it just about everywhere on the body, including your lips! Because it’s easily absorbed, your lips won’t feel waxy or gooey. Shea butter will repair dry cracked lips and provide protection from the weather. It also has a natural SPF of about 6, which makes this the perfect way to treat and protect your lips from all types of weather, cold or hot.


13. Lose those Stretch Marks

Although the only way to truly rid yourself of those ugly stretch marks is to go through expensive laser or Retin-A treatments, but you can have almost the exact same results by using shea butter. With its anti-inflammatory compounds and richness in vitamins, testimonies across the internet will tell you that using inexpensive shea butter will do nearly the same job of removing those stretch marks.


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14. Ditch the Itch

Almost like magic, the anti-inflammatory compounds of shea butter stop the itch from bug bites. It also helps to stop the swelling and redness too.


15. Stop Nasal Congestion

You would never imagine that shea butter could clear up your stuffy nose, but it’s true! The British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology published a study which showed that shea butter was more effective in clearing up congestion than typical nose drops. Study participants with seasonal allergies who had stuffed up noses where give about 2 grams of shea butter and told to apply it to the inside of the nostril (no special equipment needed, folks in this study just used their fingers.) Those who used shea butter found that their noses cleared up within 90 seconds after application and remained so for the next 5 to 8 hours!

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