What Drinking Ginger Tea Can Do For You

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We may live in a time where the cost of prescriptions can jump sky high in a day, but we also live in a time where the many of the foods, herbs, and spices can often be an effective stand-in. You should never give up your prescription before speaking with your doctor, but when you find out all of the things that drinking ginger tea can do for you, it wouldn’t hurt to add it to your regular diet — just as a preventive measure.


1. Dissolves kidney stones

Kidney stones are a very painful condition, but there is something you can do to prevent them. Drinking ginger tea keeps your body hydrated, and when you drink enough fluids your body will not have the chance to form kidney stones as it continually flushing toxins out.


2. Kills specific types of cancer cells

Drinking ginger may have an effect on several different types of cancer. Currently, studies have shown that ginger is effective in preventing the following types of cancer: breast, pancreatic, and ovarian.


3. Helps liver function

Ginger has been found to be successful in protecting the liver, improving current liver damage, and helping to restore the composition of the blood back to normal when combined with chicory. It was also able to protect the liver from fibrosis.


4. Anti-inflammatory

Its effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory is two-fold: You can either take it internally as a cup of ginger tea, or use it topically by soaking your aching joints.

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