10 Bizarre Things That are Killing Your Gut

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

You might not know it, but your gut is such a complex thing, regulating so many body functions, including being responsible for about two thirds of your immune system, that some scientists refer to it as your second brain!

In a recent study, scientists in the US found that the microorganisms in our gut support the production of immune cells, as well as influence the immune cell function. As much as 80 percent of the neurotransmitter serotonin is produced in our gastrointestinal tract, not in the brain as you might think. Due to the large quantities of neurotransmitters in your gut, this means that your gastrointestinal tract is actually the force behind your overall mental and physical wellbeing.

There have been some interesting facts that have emerged from this study; we now know that humans have fewer genes that a carrot, pineapple, or even a fruit fly! However, the bacterium that is in our gut is always talking to our genes so when we have a gut flora that in in balance, we will have more energy and our brains will work much better. We also know that our gut lining is only one cell thick. That makes it thinner than an eyelid. Unlike your eyelid, however, it replaces itself every couple of days, which gives us a fresh opportunity to always build a stronger, healthier gut, and therefore a stronger, healthier body.

More than one third of Americans today have some sort of digestive problems and since it’s clear that a healthy gastrointestinal system is vital for our health and happiness, shouldn’t we be more aware of the things that knock our gut out of whack? You might be surprised at things you thought were everyday, common items or conveniences, are actually killing your gut, draining you of energy, and ruining your immune system.

Keep reading for all the bizarre things that are killing your gut, and you, a little bit every day.


1.  Lack of Sleep

You might never have imagined that cutting your Z’s by a few hours could wreak such havoc on your gut, but it does. When you deprive your body of sleep, you are depriving it of the time it needs to repair itself. Getting less than 7 to 9 hours sleep each night will also deprive your body of the relaxation sleep cycle that your body must have to fully repair any gut problems you might be having.

To get your best night’s sleep, turn the thermostat below 70 so that your body will naturally release that all important sleep hormone melatonin. If you don’t believe this, try adding just one more hour of sleep each night for 2 weeks and see if this makes a difference in how you feel. Find out secret tips to sleep better.

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