10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Drinking Soy Milk Forever!

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

You might have heard from your doctor or mainstream media that soy and soy milk are healthy alternatives to meat and dairy products. Despite tons of evidence to the contrary, sales of soy and soy milk are increasing every year.

Soy milk, (and soy itself however this article will focus solely on soy milk), is NOT a safe and healthy choice. Regardless of those big letters on the soy milk box, you are actually destroying your health.

Keep reading and we will explain all the reasons why you should avoid soy milk and switch to an alternative milk product TODAY!


1. It Has Anti-Nutrients

Soybeans contain large amounts of natural toxins called anti-nutrients, just two glasses of soy milk each day can alter a woman’s natural monthly cycle.


2. It’s GMO

When it comes to soy, you can’t avoid it: 98 percent of all soy is genetically modified. This means that if soy beans have been genetically modified it may be resist glyphosate or RoundUp. Soy beans are repeatedly sprayed with glyphosate and are one of the most herbicide contaminated foods on the planet.


3. Changes the Body

Soy has been found to actually increase the body’s natural need for vitamin D and vitamin B12. Many vegans who already suffer from a B12 deficiency will find that drinking soy milk will only make their problem worse.

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