10 Surprising Habits That Rob You of Happiness

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Someone once said, we become what we repeatedly do. So why do so many of us keep banging our heads on the proverbial brick wall?

For example, we say we want to live a healthy, active life but there we sit at home, binging on television and Cheetos. We say we are looking for our soul mate, but we reject every person we meet on the first date. We say we want to live a positive life, and then we proceed to complain all day, every day. We saw every New Year’s Eve that we are going to make a different life starting this year, but before we have even recovered from over our hangover, we are back to doing that same damn things.

It’s easier than you think to rob ourselves of happiness and breaking our habits isn’t always easy. Otherwise, all those self-help authors would be out of business. Dumping those negative patterns we’ve been carrying around, however, is often the missing piece to our happiness puzzle.

Check out these top 10 habits and see if any of them are holding you back.


1. Believing criticism

Sometimes criticism can be a good thing, it helps us to grow and improve ourselves, however, too many of us take criticism to heart. Deeply to heart. Some people criticize because they are jealous of you, others because they just plain don’t like you. Listen, just because someone says it doesn’t mean it’s true. Listen to criticism, then think about it as objectively as possible. Is what this person said true? Is it something you would like to change? Then it’s not a problem. Is what they said not true? Then forget about it. Sometimes, it’s not about you, but about the person who said it.

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