10 Top Tips to Protect Yourself and Deflect Negative Energy

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Although some people are skeptical about all this “energy” stuff, there is no denying it: energy is a scientific fact. Everything you see, including yourself, is made up of energy. We tend to lump energy into two simple groups: positive or “good” energy and negative or “bad” energy.

Sometimes “bad” really isn’t the proper word for negative energy. It’s not like a bad person that intends to do you harm, but rather, negative energy is just that– a negative influence on your life that does not contribute to your well-being.

Your own stress and worry is negative energy and can be stored in your body. People who might be jealous or envious of you can send you negative energy that is not helpful. Sometimes it’s an environment that is filled with negative energy. Haven’t you ever walked into a room and gotten the shivers? Did you ever simply just “feel” that something was not right, but you couldn’t name it? That is negative energy.

Other times, it’s simply that some types of energy aren’t good or bad; they just are or are not right for you. Some people find that they are very uncomfortable in a large crowd or a big city, but feel right at home on a farm with plenty of animals.

These are all simple examples of energy, how it works, and how it can make you feel. There are lots of different ways to protect yourself and deflect energy or remove it from your environment, however. We are going to talk about 10 of the best (and easiest) ways to keep you and your environment on the positive side of the energy world.


1.  Stones and Crystals

You have most likely already had some experience with stones and crystals. They are sold just about everywhere in many different forms and shapes. Many people like to use stones and crystals because they can both provide protection as well as transform energy. Stone and crystals can be carried in a pocket, worn as a piece of jewelry (such as a necklace) or placed in an area to keep it clear. These are simple, effective ways to keep the energy in and around you on the positive side. Granite is a great way to provide protection for a particular space. Quartz, hematite, malachite, smokey quartz, and amethyst are all just some of the stones and crystals that can provide protection. If you would like to try some stones or crystals, investigate further online which stones and crystals might work best for you.


2.  Don’t Feed the Negativity

Negative energy is like a parasite; it feeds off of people. Humans can connect and interact with the universe, creating our own energy, but negative energy cannot. It relies sole on humans to feed it to keep it alive and keep it strong.

So don’t feed negative energy. The more you worry about it, the more you think about it, the more you wonder if it is having an effect on you, and the stronger it grows. You can’t deny that there is negative energy, but you can simply acknowledge it and move on.

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3. Smudging

Another popular means of removing negative energy from spaces and from the mind is through a process called smudging. Smudging involves burning a certain natural substance and allowing the smoke and your positive thoughts to dispel negative energy. Shamans and indigenous people around the world have used this method for thousands of years to remove negative energy. People employ a wide variety of substances to smudge with, but the most popular are perhaps sage, sweet grass, sage mixed with other herbs such as lavender or chamomile, incense, and cedar.


4.  Learn to Focus

If you feel that you have become unfocused or “scatterbrained” lately, this can leave you susceptible to negative energy. Remember that if you don’t take control of your mind, someone, or something, else will do it for you. It’s not as hard as you think. Focusing is really a matter of practice. Pay attention to the little things in your life, the things that make you feel good. The funny thing is; the more you look for, and notice, the good things in your life, the more good things you will find in your life.


5. All You Need Is Visualization

No one has probably ever told you this, but you have an innate ability to protect yourself from any energy that is not good for you. All you really need is to visualize it. There are many ways to do this but some of the easiest methods are:

  • Take two or three minutes before you head out of the house in the morning and imagine yourself in a big bubble. Only you can reach out and interact or pull in the things you want, while the things you don’t want are left outside where they can’t touch you.
  • Imagine that your clothes are actually a mirror, reflecting bad energy away from you, but projecting positive energy to all you meet.
  • You can also ask a guardian spirit or a spirit animal to walk with you and protect you from negative energy. Carry a small symbol of this spirit (such as a medallion or a small animal carving or a feather) to remind you that you are protected and give thanks to that spirit for protection.

You don’t want to become disconnected from society and the human race; you are only looking to shield yourself from negative energy.

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6.  Keep the Media in Mind

Subconsciously, we are constantly being influenced by the things we see and hear on television, billboards, radio, and online. Although we want to stay connected to the world, as well as friends and family, you should be very selective about the things you are allowing into your environment, and therefore, into your mind.


7.  Think Lighthouse Not Sponge

Picture yourself as a giant lighthouse; sending out positive light in all directions, to everyone you meet, to every space you occupy. Stop being a sponge, soaking up everything you see, every space you occupy. Think lighthouse, friends!


8. Ditch Stagnant Energy

When energy does not move, like most things, it goes stale or stagnant. Many people tend to accumulate stagnant energy by hoarding or holding onto objects that they don’t really need. You know the feeling, when you walk into someone’s house that is just loaded with useless junk and trash, that kind of creepy feeling? Imagine that is what is going on in your body when you just lie low and don’t feel.

So be a glow stick! Shake things up, move things around, get rid of stuff you don’t need (both mentally and physically) try something new, and feel the energy that is created because of it.

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9. Keep Things Clear

Remember that everything has energy, even words. So keep things clear and ready to receive and create positive energy by smudging or “sweeping” bad energy from places that you occupy all the time. When you and your spouse have an argument, smudge the room or sprinkle some salt on the floor, imagine it soaking up those ugly words and sweep it out the door. Open the windows and burn some incense while you picture that negative energy floating outside with the smoke.


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10.  Fill Yourself with Light

The best way to protect yourself from negative energy is to be source of positive energy. This means taking on the old “look on the bright side” of life outlook. Always look for the good, never the bad.  Don’t say “I hate X” start saying “I really love Z.”  As hard as it might be, try to compliment someone who isn’t always nice. If there are some people in your life that are “negative Nellies,” remove them from your life or limit your exposure to them as much as possible. Play music you love, be with people you love, and most of all, love yourself.

If you are still skeptical about all of this positive and negative energy “stuff” being real, check out this video. It might just change your mind:





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