10 Ways to Detox Your Liver Naturally

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

4. Brussels Sprouts

If you still hate those Brussels sprouts your mom served you when you were a kid, you can also eat broccoli or cabbage as these are all related. All of these vegetables contain a substance called glucosinolates, which are sulfur containing compounds that really protect the liver from damage and improve its overall ability to remove toxins.


5. Garlic

Besides being terrific for your heart, garlic is an herb that contains more of those sulfur compounds that stimulate the liver to produce more enzymes. Garlic also contains healthy levels of alllicin and selenium, which are designed to protect the liver. Crush a clove or two of fresh, organic garlic and try to swallow them whole in the mornings. If that smell is just too much, then try adding more garlic to your meals. It won’t win you any “most kissable” contests, but you can always brush your teeth later.


6. Crab Apples

Some people consume crab apple extract because they feel it will help to stabilize their moods and improve feelings of self-esteem, but the real benefit to crab apples is that it works like crazy when it comes to detoxing the liver. Don’t eat fresh crab apples, as they will most likely give you a case of the runs; choose the extract supplement instead!


7. Turmeric

Sometimes referred to as Indian Saffron, this is a super medicinal spice that is unmatched in its anti-inflammatory abilities. It’s been widely documented as having a wide range of health benefits; including protecting the liver from damage and encouraging the liver to produce new cells and rejuvenate itself. Consuming turmeric regularly can also increase the production of bile, which is vital if we want to rid our bodies of toxins.

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