10 Ways To Prevent Sunburn Naturally

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You may feel silly when you go to the beach hoping to achieve a golden bronze-appearance and you end up as red as a beet, but sunburn is no laughing matter. Every year there are more than 5.4 million people who end up with nonmelanoma cancer of the skin, with 90% of them from the UV rays of the sun.

Sunburn is created from melanin and an exposure from UV rays. Once the UV rays wreck the DNA that is found inside of your cells, they die but the melanin is there to protect the skin. It actually serves as a natural type of sunscreen.


What causes a sunburn?

You can get a sunburn that may start out pink, but could quickly turn bright red just hours after being outside in the sun. Your skin may have some swelling and you could end up with a fever, chills, a headache, and fatigue.

If you find boils on your skin, it means you probably have second-degree burns. The boils fill up with fluid in order to cool down the skin. You have to be careful in the sun because not only can your skin burn but your eyes can become sunburned as well and that is even more painful.


How do you treat sunburn?

As soon as you feel as though you are sunburned, remove yourself from the sun immediately. You might want to take a shower or quick bath in cool water to bring down the temperature of your skin. Make sure to dry yourself with a towel but let a little bit of water stay on your skin. Put a moisturizer over the affected areas to rehydrate the skin.

When your skin starts to heal from the sunburn you may find patches that are peeling off. Don’t start peeling this skin yourself but rather let it dry off and come off your skin by itself.

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