12 Foods to Protect Your Brain from Aging and Dementia

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If someone told you that you could protect your brain from age related diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia, simply by eating more delicious wholesome foods and spices, wouldn’t you do it? Who wouldn’t!

Although exercise and genetics play a big part in your brain health, diet is also important. You will not find a magic pill or potion that will cure or prevent dementia, but scientists do know that certain nutrients can improve memory and cognitive ability.

Boost your overall brain power and decrease your chances of developing age related disease by adding more of the following 12 foods and spices to your diet.


1.  Dark Chocolate

The flavonoids in cocoa are super beneficial to the brain. One study looked at the impact of adding dark chocolate to the diet for a period of three months. In this 2014 study, researchers looked primarily at a part of the hippocampal formation in the brain that often declines with aging called the dentate gyrus, or DG. After consuming dark chocolate for the three month study period, researchers found that all subjects experienced enhanced DG function.

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