18 Little Known Healing Properties Of Pineapple


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It is said that Christopher Columbus brought pineapples back to Europe from his trips to the Americas. The tasty tropical fruit was more known for its sweet taste than any possible health benefits. Even though the people in the tropical areas where pineapples are grown discovered the many healing properties in this exotic fruit, it has taken decades for its many health-related properties to be confirmed.

While many people associate pineapples with Hawaii, the top five areas that produce this tropical treat are Costa Rica, Brazil, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. The main thing that pineapples are known for is bromelain, an enzyme that can be found in the stem of the pineapple. This substance helps in the digestion of proteins and is also known as a meat tenderizer.

While most of the health benefits of pineapples are impressive and effective, there are some people who should not partake in the tropical fruit. The bromelain portion of the fruit has properties that serve as a blood thinner. If you are already taking a blood thinner, you will want to avoid eating the core of the pineapple where the bromelain comes from. Here are some impressive healing properties that you can attribute to the consumption of pineapples:


1. Blood pressure

Those who struggle with high blood pressure levels can see their numbers drop with the consumption of pineapples. Upping your intake of foods that are high in potassium help to naturally lower blood pressure levels. If you regularly up your possible potassium levels, you will realize a decrease of dying from any condition by 20 percent.


2. Asthma

The nutrient that is found in pineapples that help those suffering from asthma is beta-carotene. Besides carrots, beta-carotene can be found in abundance in pineapples.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

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3. Cancer

One of the more prevalent vitamins in pineapples is vitamin C. This vitamin serves as a vital antioxidant and helps to fight against the free radicals that have been recognized to be the creators of cancer. Two types of cancer that are directly helped by consuming pineapples on a regular basis are colon cancer and colorectal cancer.


4. Macular degeneration

When macular degeneration, a breakdown in the eyesight that leads to blindness, is due to age. Increasing the consumption of fruits to at least 3 servings each day has been proven to lower your risk of getting the disease and slows down the progression.


5. Fertility

Pineapples have an abundance of properties that can play a big part in the fertility of men and women. These important and vital substances include antioxidants, vitamin C, copper, beta-carotene, folate, and zinc.


6. Diabetes

All parts of the pineapple plant seem to have some medicinal qualities. The leaves of this plant have been found to correct insulin sensitivity as well as exhibit anti-diabetic tendencies.

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Photo credit: bigstock.com

7. Digestion

Pineapples are high in fiber. Add that to their elevated water content and they are able to eliminate the chances of constipation. A digestive tract that is able to eliminate on a regular basis is a healthy one.


8. Skin

Vitamin C has been proven to help repair skin problems as well as act as an anti -aging element. Pineapple is high in vitamin C which also helps the body generate its own collagen providing the skin with a smooth and wrinkle-free complexion.


9. Inflammation

The tenderizing qualities from the bromeliad in pineapples are able to make a big difference in those healing from surgical procedures. Many physicians required their patients to consume at least a cup of fresh pineapple three days before their procedure to promote an easier time healing afterward.


10. Heart health

With its high fiber content, potassium level, and contents of vitamin C, the pineapple is a triple player in treating the health of your heart. With a higher potassium level, you reduce your chances of dying from a specific form of heart disease by almost 50 percent.

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11. Arthritis

Again, the anti-inflammatory properties of the bromelain helps deal with the inflammation that is associated with arthritis.


12. Cellular health

With its ability to generate collagen, the vitamin C that is in pineapples has been known to help the healing process when it comes to illnesses and infections.


13. Immune system

One serving of pineapple will give you over 130% of the daily recommended dosage of vitamin C. This plays a big part in building the immune system as it helps to increase the activity of your white blood cells. The vitamin C helps to keep free radicals at bay and protects the healthy cells to avoid getting diseases including different types of cancer.


14. Oral health

Another little-known fact about pineapples is that they possess properties that give them astringent qualities. As an astringent, they are able to keep gums strong and helps to cut down on a loose gum line. They are also able to prevent teeth from becoming loose and potentially falling out.

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15. Bone health

Another mineral that pineapple has a large quantity of is manganese. This mineral helps to not only strengthen your bones but assist in their repair and future growth. One serving of pineapple will provide you with over 70% of the daily recommended dosage. It’s a simple and tasty way to protect your bones.


16. Melatonin

Melatonin is a substance that many people take when they have trouble sleeping. Pineapples have one of the richest sources of melatonin – more than bananas and oranges.


17. Cholesterol

If you suffer from high cholesterol levels you are probably taking a drug that is in called a statin. These drugs come with more than 300 side effects, many of them are difficult to tolerate. The leaves of the pineapple have been proven through preclinicals to lower cholesterol without any of these side effects.


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18. Rotavirus

The juice of the pineapple plant has a low pH level and was found to be effective in attacking the rotavirus. This virus is usually difficult to deal with and only selective medications are able to stop it from spreading.