20 Items You Need on Your Next Grocery List

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Everyone knows that if you are trying to eat healthy one of the best ways to do this is to cook from scratch at home. You might feel a little intimidated by some of those reality show TV chefs and all that fancy food porn they serve but don’t be. Like almost everything on TV, those aren’t real. Cooking your own healthy meals from scratch is easy and can be really quick if you have your kitchen and panty set up with some basics.

Check out this list of the top 20 items you should always have on hand or, if you don’t, you should add to your grocery list so your kitchen is always fully stocked to be healthy enough to rock!


  1. Vinegar

There are a lot of choices aren’t there? Red wine, white, balsamic, apple cider vinegar, how do you know which one to choose? The truth is it doesn’t really matter. Just pick one to get started and go from there.  Mix a little with some olive oil to make your own healthy homemade dressings so you don’t have to rely on those highly processed, fat filled, chemical filled, store bought dressings. Vinegar is also great for flavoring other food dishes, not to mention it’s a super healthy, all natural cleaner for your house.


2. Olive Oil

As with any oil, look for organic, extra virgin, cold pressed for the healthiest option. This oil is great for salad dressings and for items that are cooked using low heat.


3. Quinoa

This seed is super easy, as well as being a wonderfully delicious complete protein that takes less cooking time than rice. Quinoa is also high in iron and fiber.  Use it anywhere and in any recipe you would normally use rice or pasta. Add some to salads, soups, even wraps!


4. Kale

Kale, a great source of, well, what isn’t it great for? Kale is overflowing with vitamins A, K, C, calcium, fatty acids, and iron, just to name a few. It’s unbelievably versatile as well. Massage it with a little olive oil and you can keep it in the fridge for a week’s worth of wonderful salads. Throw some into your soup, bake crispy kale chips for your kids or just eat it as a side dish. Kale is a super healthy food your kitchen shouldn’t be without.


5. Lemons

Lemons are super for their vitamin C content, as well as having super detoxing abilities. They are great for a multitude of other uses as well. Add a little lemon juice to olive oil and you have an instant salad dressing, squeeze a bit on top of your fruit or veggies (not to mention fish) for added flavor. Don’t throw away those rinds, either! Those are often used for baking, cooking, even keeping your garbage disposal clean and fresh!


6. Bananas

Craving something sweet but don’t want added sugar? Bananas are the way to go! Full of vitamin B6, potassium, and vitamin C, these are great in smoothies. Cut in half and keep a few baggies full in your freezer so you can have them ready anytime you need them. Add bananas to your oatmeal, wheat free pancakes, chia pudding, and, of course, there’s always banana muffins and banana bread! Find out what the healthiest snacks are.


7. Coconut Oil

Be sure to get good quality coconut oil. Look for cold pressed, virgin, organic coconut oil. This oil is highly digestible, a great source of healthy, saturated fat, and can be used for higher temperature cooking such as roasting veggies, frying eggs, or stir-frying. Not to mention it’s great outside the kitchen. Coconut oil is a super hair and skin moisturizer! Read more about ways to use coconut oil for beauty.


8. Eggs

Be sure to get eggs that are organic and from free range chickens. Eggs are a super source of protein. They just might be nature’s most perfect food! Eggs have tons of benefits, too many to mention here, but just a few are vitamins A, D, fatty acids, and essential minerals such as iodine. Don’t be afraid to eat the yolks, my friends, that’s where all the nutrients are. Besides breakfast, try eggs for lunch, with salads, and stir-fry’s. Hard boiled eggs make great snacks, too!


9. Nuts

The healthiest nuts are raw, unsalted, and unroasted. Don’t buy conventional nuts that have tons of salt and added oils which are not healthy for you. Nuts are heart healthy, and good for your grey matter. Nuts are perhaps the perfect snack so keep a few zip lock baggies around to take with you. No more than a couple of handfuls per day, though, as they are high in calories. Add a few to your salads, and pastas, or just eat ‘em right out of the jar.


10. Nut Butter

Always buy organic and sugar free. Tons of healthy fats, proteins, minerals, vitamins, nut butters have it all! Spread it on crackers, bananas, apples, or toast!

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