20 Remedies to Kick PMS Naturally

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11. Folliculnum

This is a new remedy that comes from France. Most women take between 30c to 200c on the 7th day of their cycle. Health World Online suggests some other remedies in addition to this and you can read their suggestions online.


12. Belladonna

When you have cramps that come and go quickly or you feel as if you have a type of “bearing down” kind of pain, belladonna is a very good remedy. It also works for those who have cramps that seem to get worse by motion or being jarred and are often accompanied by a headache.


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13. Magnesia Phos

This works well when your cramps are relieved by heat or by bending over or if your cramps become worse by cold or by being uncovered.


14. Colocynthis

If you have cramps that make you feel restless and irritable, then try colocynthis.


15. Ignatia

Ignatia works for those with bloating and those feelings of grief or conflicting feelings.


16. Cimicifuga

This is for bloating also, but also for those very sharp, almost labor like pains across the abdomen. It’s also good for lower back pain, hysteria, and those who feel as if they just can’t cope.


17. Nuxvomica

Nuxvomica is used for women with personalities we would classify as Type A: those who are often stressed out and have bloating, nausea, along with an irritability that makes them overly critical and quarrelsome.


18. Progesterone

Natural progesterone rubbed into the skin can restore hormonal balance. Look for a cream made from wild yams. Progesterone, when taken orally, doesn’t get fully utilized by the body. Only 10 percent of those hormones will actually reach your bloodstream. Progesterone cream is best used between the day you ovulate and the day before your period starts.

Progesterone is helpful in many ways and is super beneficial against fibrocystic breast disease and cancer. It also promotes youthfulness to your complexion.


19. Detoxification of the Liver

Simply detoxing the liver will relieve many PMS problems. To begin with, reduce the amount of fat you eat. Second, use an herbal detox formula that will remove most toxins from the liver. If you decide to do a liver detox, you will only need to do it every other month, for most women.


20. Reflexology

If you have never heard of reflexology, you are not alone. Reflexology is a science, as well as an art, that uses the belief that we have “reflex areas” in our feet that correspond to every major part of the body, and that massaging these areas improves the appropriate function. Using reflexology helps most PMS sufferers when used three or four days before, as well as during, your period.

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