26 Poses That Will Stretch You From Head To Toe Video

Yoga has many benefits for your body such as improving your posture and helping to ease tension and even treat illness. Moreover, contrary to many other physical activities, yoga provides you with mental benefits, helps you think positively, clears your mind, and helps you focus on what’s important to you.

Thanks to the growing popularity of yoga, more and more people are getting into it, but a great amount of beginners decide that yoga is beyond their ability after the first few classes. If you’re among them, throw that idea out the window! Yoga is for everyone, no matter their skill level, and you’ll only get better with practice.

The main mistake that beginners usually make is trying to perform all the most complicated poses at the onset. The video below will help make your training easier and more interesting, allowing you to work toward those more advanced poses.

The course includes 26 poses that are broken down into manageable segments. Try to repeat the poses and tell us about your results in the comments.