3 Memo Ways To Make It Successfully Through the Silly Season

Photo credit: bigstock.com

Photo credit: bigstock.com

The holiday season is a time of parties, gifts, fun times, and delicious food. Presents need to be bought, cookies need to be baked, and gifts need to be purchased and wrapped. Besides being the most festive time of the year, it is also one of the most stressful times as well. And expensive!

With so many chores tacked onto our already overflowing “to do” list, so many social events to attend, and so many yummy treats to face, how do we get everything done, not gain weight, not spend a fortune, and stay in the holiday spirit? These are tricks of the trade culled from others who have gone before you – and survived! Put these ideas to the test and you may be surprised to hear yourself actually humming holiday music – when the radio isn’t even on!


1. Decide on a Budget

  • The time to figure out your expenses is before the official onset of the holiday season. While some people view it as Thanksgiving, right after Halloween would give you a good start.
  • Make sure your list is comprehensive. Include everything you can think of, you can always delete items later.
  • Start buying things early (and remember, it’s never too early!). Catch all the sales you can but the only downfall you might have to watch out for is remember what you bought and where you hid it.
  • If you have a large family, instead of a big costly dinner, why not consider a brunch and have everyone bring their signature dish. Remember, it’s the fun and the family that create the strongest memories.
  • Try as hard as you can to not use your credit cards. Wouldn’t it be nice to get through the holidays and not owe a thing? Check out those stores that offer layaway before the holidays. This way the store will hold your merchandise and you can pay on it every week, or month until it is paid in full.

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