30 Creative Ways to Use Less Plastic and Go Green!

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11.  Think reusable

Buy stainless steel water bottles for everyone in your home and take a coffee thermos to work so you can avoid those individual water bottles or plastic coffee cups.


12. Make your own condiments then store them in glass jars or reuse plastic containers


13. Invest in a water filtration system for your home


14. Always carry reusable cloth shopping bags.

Keep a stash in your car always. Some are even small enough and can fold up to be smaller than a sandwich. Keep one in your purse so no matter where you go, you have at least one handy for shopping or unexpected purchases.


15. Shop at Farmer’s Markets

Bring your own bags and save some big bucks. Read more about a new type of store in Germany.


16. Pack your own lunch

Use steel lunchboxes or reusable glass containers and put your lunch items in reused plastic bags or other types of containers.


17. Bake your own bread

When you break your own bread you not only avoid all those unwanted chemicals and preservatives, you avoid the plastic bag most bread comes in. Or you could always hit up the bakery directly and buy bread minus the plastic bag. Store it in a repurposed plastic container or cloth bags.


18. Bring your own container to the deli or butcher when you buy meat or cheese


19. Make your own cleansers for the home and put them in repurposed containers


20. Pack your own to-go containers when you eat out

This way you can take left overs home without using a disposable container. If you have enough containers, you might even be able to stop by that Chinese take-out and have your to-go dinner placed in your own containers!

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