5 Foods You Must Never Eat if You Want to Live Longer


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2. White Bread

Although this is a staple in most pantries, the sad fact is, white bread doesn’t have any nutritional value whatsoever but it certainly does contain sugar. Refined carbs like white bread spike your blood sugar levels in much the same way a candy bar does. When food is refined, the way white flour is, all vital nutrients are destroyed. When it comes to bread, once you have removed the most nutritious part of the grain, it’s not that much different from sugar. There is another factor that many people tend to forget when it comes to their bread; from beginning to end, this food is a pesticide disaster. The seeds are first treated with fungicides, and then the sprouting plants are sprayed again with hormones and pesticides. Even the very containers that wheat is stored in are lined with pesticides. All of these chemicals contribute to your overall toxic load, more than your liver was designed to handle, and this is sure to cut years off your life.

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  1. Gledr

    Jan 9, 2015 at 10:08 pm

    does the popcorn info apply to the ones that just come in a jar of only kernels that have had nothing done to them, so you can butter/salt them to your liking. also with any of the noodles you just mean the insta-noodles not the kind that almost a billion people eat.