7 Shocking Reasons You Should Ditch Antibiotics

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4. Weakens your immune system

If you allow your immune system to deal with invaders as they arise, without antibiotics, then it creates a memory, if you will, of which antibodies to use against which types of infections, or any infections that are similar to it. This way, your body can fight off the next attack more easily because it already has some ammunition stored in your immune system.

Antibiotics kill our immune system because it does the fighting for us. Foreign invaders are becoming stronger and our immune systems are in less than fighting condition since we don’t give them a chance to do any battle. Find out how to improve your digestive health after antibiotics.


5. Recurring Infections

There is a great deal of research to show that those who take antibiotics have more frequent infections later on than those who refrain from antibiotics. A perfect example of this are children who are given antibiotics for ear infections often find that these infections return again and again.


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Research suggests that one big risk factor for AIDS is a compromised immune system, which can be due to a repeated use of antibiotics. It’s no surprise that the group with the highest levels of antibiotic use also have the highest incidences of AIDS within America.


7. Cancer Risks

According to the BMJ, those who had taken 6 or more antibiotic treatments had a 1.5 increased risk of developing rare or less common cancers when compared to those who had the fewest exposures to antibiotics. A study done in Finland in 2002 also found that an increased risk of breast cancer amount those with high antibiotic exposures. Another study performed by the International Journal of Cancer in 2008 showed that those who had taken between 2 and 5 antibiotic treatments had as much as a 27percent increase in cancer compared to those who had never taken antibiotics. In fact, those persons who had completed 6 or more treatments had a 37 percent increase in their overall cancer risk.

Although sometimes antibiotics are necessary to save your life, remember that most times they aren’t necessary, and can even be dangerous. It’s in your best interest to avoid antibiotics unless you absolutely have no other alternative.









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